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Basic Guidelines For Beginners To Start With Google Analytics Tool

The rate of conversion or organic and worthy traffic is the prime factor for any web portal. The need for organic and worthy traffic increases the most when the website is of e-commerce. It helps you to do a keen website Analysis and boost your website conversion rate. You might have heard about this tool before; if not, then you need to know that Google Analytics is a statistical tool that offers a massive database using which you can increase the ranking as well as organic traffic of your web portal. It also offers an in-depth analysis of the website that can help you to make your e-commerce portal successful. Being digitally present is considered a key to the success of a business, and Google Analytics helps you in analyzing the data of the visitors. It has many features like; how your website visitors landed at your web page, how much time did they spend there, what areas and sections they showed interest in, and what the average time of their visit was. 
Before you consider using this tool to elevate the ranking and the number of visitors at your website, you need to recognize the fact that this is a statistical database tool, and a clear understanding is necessary to take the maximum benefit out of it. 
Let me share with you the basic guidelines that help you to be familiar with this tool and let you know how and why you should use it. 

No Need To Worry It's Completely Free

The most significant advantage of Google Analytics is that it is a free tool. It does not matter how aggressively you are using the tool; Google does not ask you to pay for it at any stage. But you do not need to worry about the quality of the data that you get from it, as it is 100 percent authentic and beneficial for your web. 

Keep You Data Records & Analyze It

To get maximum benefits out of Google Analytics, you need to be a master of the tool. First of all, you should configure your analytics account to a secure storage where it does not get lost. Google Analytics already sends you the refined and screened data that is in the shape of Google spreadsheets, docs, and sites. You have to set up a new account and copy the


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