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20 Guidelines To Boost-up Your Business Website Worth

Crafting a website is not an easy task. You’ve to deal with different dimensions of it. It includes content, designing, colors and other elements that you’ve to take care of. It requires time, effort and money to make an exciting website.

But how to create a website that appeals to customers?

Be focused at following points; 

1- Choose Domain & Hosting Company Wisely

While opting for Domain, you need to keep certain things in mind. The brands with domain names that are easily searchable are ranked higher by search engines. It should combine simplicity and brand identity. It’s important to know whether you can handle technical matters of your server by yourself or you’ll need the hosting company to do it for you. Always Select a hosting brand which provide 24/7 Customer support, before buying any hosting read the reviews online. You should evaluate your requirment properly before getting hosting services.

2- Easy Website Customization For a Layman

If you want your website to appeal to your customers, you should make it appear as attractive as possible. Content Management Systems are used for this. They assist you in generating website content and then help you manage it properly as well. WordPress & Joomla are the most popular CMS that are highly customizable and with alot of plugins & addons features.

3- Create an Eye-Catching Web Interface

Cleanliness and simplicity are cherished by people. They also want to see it in your web content. A neat design comes handy when they’re surfing your website. Navigation becomes really smooth and easy. It also enables them to avoid annoying graphics that might appear otherwise. Customers even assume the quality of your brand by looking at your website’s design.

4- Colors have a Psychological impact

Colors affect the mental state of your consumers. They can evoke a sense of happiness, pleasure, and tranquility. Evaluate your brand and target market before deciding on the colors you’ll be using. Customers respond differently to different hues. Try to incorporate those colors in your strategy that are pleasing to look at.

5- Logo Is actually Your Brand Identity

An attractive and well-designed logo can easily catch anyone’s eye. Since attention is the primary motive behind it, a logo can transform your brand identity. It also tells the story of your brand. Try to locate it in positions with maximum exposure. Consistency is another important factor. Choose the same logo wherever you’re branding your company.

6- See Website Through Customer's Eyes

You can design a perfect website by working hard but it should function effectively as well. Check for broken links or missing content. You should look at it from the customer’s side as well. There are surveys that you post and contact forms that consumers fill. You need to ascertain if they’re working fine.

7- Navigation Flow Must Be Clean & Clear

Nobody likes getting confused. It’s annoying and time-consuming. If the navigation of your website isn’t clear enough, customers would prefer other brands over yours. Make navigation as smooth as possible. Pages should be merged in a way that going from one to another is sleek and trouble-free. One tool that could be deployed here is a the Sitemap.

8- Place Wisely all Call-to-Actions

Placing these on your site will encourage customers to act accordingly. Their usage should depend upon the level of engagement different customers have. For instance, you can ask new visitors to subscribe to your emails. For loyal customers that visit your site very often, you can announce loyalty rewards.

9- Optimize Load-Time & Save Time

People are always on the go. They demand everything happens swiftly. Given this rush, your website should be able to load quickly and properly. If it’s taking a lot of time, consumers would rather try another website. To avoid this, you should check it before launching and determine any errors that could be affecting it. Quick loading satisfies customers.

10- Update Information Rich Blogs Regularly

It serves as the perfect complement to your website. It helps to engage buyers. It can feature your latest innovations, products, events and important news. It’s a refreshing way to communicate with your consumer base. If you update it regularly with exciting information, people will like to read it. They’ll enjoy the experience.

11- Must Check Cross-Browser Compatibility

There are several browsers that people use. There are also multiple devices that customers own. This means a website should be able to function smoothly on all of them. Here, it’s important to consider that not everyone uses the latest versions so it should be able to run on older versions too. If you’re not taking care of it, a large chunk of consumer base will stay alienated from your content.

12- Merge Website with Social Media Channels

This has become a necessity now. Millions of people use some kind of social media platform. Businesses that link their websites to social media reap substantial advantages, several studies have established. It’s often noticed that customers often like reviewing a product or service on social media rather than on the website. Images and videos, if crafted brilliantly, can go viral, enhancing your brand’s visibility.

13- Secure your site with HTTPS Protocol

Technology has evolved a lot. As a result, websites are under constant threats of malware, viruses, and attacks by hackers. This demands strong security measures to be put in place. Ecommerce sites are especially vulnerable due to sensitive financial data that they possess. To mitigate these dangers, SSL certificates should be added to the websites.

14- Say No To Content Repeatition

Similarity is boring. Too much repetition is disliked by everybody. That’s why you should come up with an authentic and original content for your website. If you’re producing the same content as others, you’ll never be able to outclass your competition. Originality is cherished by people because it presents something unique and different.

15- Cross Check The Information Authenticity

In the age of the internet, it’s not difficult to verify something. You only need to Google it and you’ll know whether someone’s claim is factual or not. So, investigate your content before uploading it. Don’t add any information that you know is wrong or have any doubts about. Link your content to useful information so that people could learn further about a particular subject.

16- Create & Keep Your Sitemap Updated

This acts as a scaled-down, condensed version of what your website contains. It gives users and search engines all the particulars they need to surf your website. They can discover your website easily through it. Whenever you add new pages to your website, it should be updated so that no issues are faced during navigation.

17- Use Copyright-Free Visual Content

If images that are copyrighted used without permission, it could result in fines. Therefore, you should be extremely careful before using any image from the internet. There are websites that provide copyright-free images but there terms and conditions should be read properly. It’s better to pay for images than saving some money and later incurring even bigger costs as fines.

18- Traffic Analysis Is Required

Numerous analytic tools are present today and Google Analytics is one of the best. These tools can be used to evaluate the performance of your website using different metrics. By using data they provide you can evaluate what works and what doesn’t. The range of assessments goes from keywords searches to the bounce rates. These insights then help you craft your website to better fit buyer’s needs.

19- Publish Reviews & Testimonials

Customer testimonials on your website can serve as important tools to lure in new purchasers. Ask your loyal customers to give you their reviews. If they’re willing to give their input then make full use of the opportunity. The testimonials should be genuine and detailed to convince others.

20- Avoid Spam & Apply Captcha

To avoid spams, these tests are critical. They help distinguish robots from humans. These ensure that only humans are being able to access your site’s valuable content. If there’s spam, it shows up in the comment section and on forms. It should be avoided at all costs to keep the website clean.


There are, it seems, a number of details to while creating a website. It requires a significant amount of hard work and dedication to build a successful website. Even if one of the factors is missing, the website will start malfunctioning. All of these components have equal relevance and importance.



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