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To communicate with people on both national and international grounds, people use their smartphones. The technology installed for this is known as Voice over internet protocol (VoIP). The task of making calls has become more affordable than in previous times. Not only does this require less money, but there are also aspects of saving time and increasing call quality. There are many other benefits that come with this service if the right company is selected for this purpose. SmartMediaSolutions has been facilitating many companies with this feature. We are one of the most responsible and sincere companies in the market. By incorporating the knowledge and experience of the professionals working at our firm, we have been able to perfect our VoIP services. 


What you can expect from VoIP System

Decrease Phone Bills

No longer expensive equipment maintenance or long-distance call fees

Decrease Hassle

Use your phone system whereever there is an internet connection

Enhance Flexibility

Use any device from IP Phones and smartphones to landline phones

Highly-Regarded Features

Enhanced business efficiency with features like find me/ follow me, IVR etc.

Virtual Confrencing

You can never miss a meeting by getting invitation of virtual confrence

Easy To Install

Add and remove extension when needed, no hardware required


Providing Following
VoIP Services In United States

As the communication that takes place online can be divided into multiple categories, we make sure that all of them are available at our firm. All the team members excel in diverse VoIP services and deliver them to clients in excellent quality. Companies can select any of the following options according to their requirements.

Residential Phone

VoIP is a kind of technological advancement that can improve the common life of people living at home. It can easily replace the landline phones that are installed at every residence. Even though it needs a stable internet connection to make communication possible, it still makes talking to people easier. Family members living across borders can be approached faster with the help of this service.

One Time Service

Most companies do not find time to go and pay for services every month. For this, there is a no-monthly-bill service that can help them in the best way possible. In this, there is one need for only one special device that is available at our firm. We can install it for your company and train the employees. They can get to know how to use this service without any issue. Mostly, it uses the local phones for connecting the service box to them. A free service can be utilized without spending money on every phone call.

Software VoIP

Despite the differences found in the operating systems of all models of mobiles or laptops, there is still a need for a particular application that can make communication possible. We create applications that can run on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux/UNIX or Ubuntu. Use of the software is less problematic, fast, and cheap. The initial cost of producing the software is less than paying for every call every day.

Business Applications

Internal networks or IP’s are used to create a secure VoIP service for the company. It protects the secrets conversations that are conducted within the company premises. All the information regarding important discussions can be protected from leaking out as they can be used by the rival companies to make reforms. This can make them more popular than in your company. To prevent this from happening we follow the security protocols of the service.


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Why us?

The solutions provided by SmartMediaSolutions are easily scalable, low cost, and impressive in every sense. VoIP is a cloud-based service which is the reason why we have joined hands with the best platforms of this service. This helps us in managing data and maintaining quality standards. Apart from all the information mentioned here, the client can contact us to gather more details regarding any query that they face.


VoIP Hardware

We offer user-friendly systems along with extensive support. Our systems are easy to use and can be handled without any hassle. The provision of easy solutions and customer support is our first priority.

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Toll Free & Local Number

We offer over 45 features including with video conferencing and group meetings. Our VOIP systems have extensive and modern features according to the needs of customers.

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Open Source VoIP Software

We have excellent support team for our valuable customers. You will receive personalized services through our 24/7 reliable support team. If you need immediate support just give us a call.

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Call Center Setup & Guide

We offer affordable pricing for our valuable customers. Our pricing packages are competitive and designed as per the needs of customers. Our services offer great value in return of your money.

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VoIP Servers

You can connect anytime with desktop and mobile application. Our applications is designed to give you a new experience and will let you to call anywhere in the world through our mobile application.

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Session Border Controller

We are always with you in the expansion phase. Our success lies within your success. Therefore, we are 24/7 available to provide you guidance regarding our VOIP services.

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